Local - Academic Year

Local - Academic Year

New Bonner Opportunities for 2017

The following nonprofit organizations will be accepting applications from UR Bonner Scholars in December, 2017.

Upper Level Positions (Juniors and Seniors only)

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Studying abroad may be an integral part of your Bonner experience. The service opportunities abroad can be unique, a good way to learn a different language, and a way to further your future goals. When fully immersed in a new culture, you will gain insights on civic engagement from a new perspective and develop critical reflective and interpersonal skills. Serving while abroad is an exhilarating challenge that can open windows to the world and a new self.


  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours per semester. If you do not reach at least 40 hours this can result in a reduction of your financial aid package.
  • Complete all required forms for OIE and the Bonner Study Abroad Service Agreement.



  1. September 15/February 15: Submit the Bonner Study Abroad Service Agreement. 
  2. December 20/May 20: Submit hours with your site supervisor's signature in BWBRS.


Once you have completed 40 hours of service, please email the Bonner Scholars Program administrative coordinator to review your online records. Assuming your hour logs have been signed by your supervisor, your paperwork will be sent to accounts payable. Students must be enrolled for academic credit at the University of Richmond to receive a stipend.

Resources for finding a Community Partner




The Bonner Scholars Program requires that its students complete at least 280 hours of community service over at least 7 weeks for two of their three summers as college students. The summer internship is designed to be a more intensive service experience than during the school year, and a great opportunity to build professional skills, apply knowledge gained through coursework, discern interests, build networks, and explore new places. 


  • You must work for a non-profit or governmental organization.
  • You must complete at least 280 hours over at least seven weeks.
  • You may be paid for your summer service, but you must let your community partner know that you will also receive funding through the Bonner Scholars Program. 
  • If the organization is faith-based, services must be available to all regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs and proselytizing is prohibited.   


Access 2018 information and tips here. 

Step 1: Identify an organization of interest and/or a preferred geographic region and then reach out to them.



  • Find programs that will provide or help with at least housing, food, and (possibly) transportation.
  • If there is a Bonner School in the program’s city, connect with the Bonners to find service in the area.
  • The Bonner Foundation provides internships during the summer.


  • If you are traveling to a new place, learn as much as you can about the country before entering.
  • Meet with Patrick Schweiger to discuss your plans and to review the University of Richmond requirements for international summer internships.
  • If the country to which you are traveling has a U.S. State Department Travel Warning, you will need to submit a petition to Patrick Schweiger.  This is true even if you will do service in your home country and even if the travel warning is not for the area to which you will travel. Funds will not be released until the college grants approval for your summer service.

Step 2: Once you have a plan, complete a Bonner Scholars Program Summer Internship Agreement so that BSP staff can make sure your idea fits within all the guidelines. This is due on April 2. You will receive your Bonner living stipend by May 15.

Step 3: Work with your chosen organization for 280 hours over at least seven weeks.

  • During Week 1: Enter your CLA and have your site supervisor sign off on it
  • Week 1-7+: Log your hours
  • After Last Day: Have your site supervisor sign off on your hours  

Step 4:  Complete the BSP Summer Internship Evaluation.

Step 5: Receive your $1,500 earnings stipend for completion of all requirements!

FINDING other sources of funding


Frequently asked Questions

1. May I serve somewhere that is not my primary residence after the spring of my first academic year?

The Bonner Foundation strongly prefers first year students return home (i.e. their primary residence and/or a place where their family resides) to serve locally because your first internship is often an intense work experience. However, if you have compelling reasons to serve outside of your primary residence, please talk with the Bonner staff and we will help you draft an appeal to the foundation.

2. Do I have to get approval from OIE before I go serve outside of the U.S.?

Yes. The Office of International Education must approve every use of university funds for travel abroad for security reasons. Please contact Patrick Schweiger as soon as possible to have your plans reviewed. The last opportunity to reach out to OIE is at the end of Cycle 4 in the spring.

3. Where can I get more funding?

The most common sources of funding utilized by student for summer service (in addition to BSP funds) are:

  • Weinstein grant
  • Civic Fellows
  • Spiderfunds
  • Jepson Funds
  • Paid nonprofit/NGO internships

4. Can I serve with another Bonner at the same site?

Yes! It has been beneficial for students to serve with their peers while abroad or at home.

5. How many hours can I get in one day?

You may log a maximum of twelve (12) hours per day. Examples of this include camps and/or working on a wildlife reserve.

6. Do I have to submit any paperwork for summer service?

Yes, you need to submit your summer application before the end of cycle 4 during the spring semester, and submit a service agreement by the end of cycle 5. Links to both of these should be posted on the homepage of the UR Bonner website.

7. Can I get an advance on my earnings stipend?

Yes. Students who demonstrate substantial need may submit a one page funding request to BSP staff. This one-page request should be sent via email. If approved, students can get up to $500.

8. When will I get my living stipend?

All students will receive a $1000 living stipend once they turn in their Bonner Scholars Program Summer Internship Agreement. These checks typically arrive in mid to late May if they are handed in on time.

9. Can I serve at two partners?

No. Serving with more than one partner is only permitted under extreme circumstances. Students should serve at one organization in order to gain the full breadth of an internship experience. You are not just logging hours, but immersing yourself in an organization. Students must submit a one page petition to BSP staff via email to serve at more than one organization.

Organization Map

Organization Map