What is Federal Work-Study (FWS)?

Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are used to pay student employees who have received a FWS award as part of their need-based financial aid package.  The Office of Financial Aid determines a student's eligibility to receive work-study and determines the amount of the award.  Not every student receiving need-based financial aid receives work-study as part of their aid package and a student’s work-study status may change from year to year.  The Financial Aid office will let you know if you’re eligible.  Students may also logon to Bannerweb and review their financial aid package to verify their eligibility and the amount of their award. 

What FWS job opportunities are available through the CCE?

Students receiving work-study are not guaranteed a job; they must secure employment.  The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) offers students with Federal Work-Study awards a variety of experiences through our offices and community partners.  Some students may be employed as Student Coordinators in the CCE’s main office or at UR Downtown.  In addition, the CCE offers a variety of employment opportunities through our Community Work-Study (CWS) program.  Community Work-Study enables FWS eligible students to get paid using their FWS award when they engage in regular, ongoing service with nonprofit organizations in the Richmond community.

Getting Started

 1. Pre-Employment Paperwork

First-time FWS students who are U.S. citizens must bring the following completed tax forms and required documents to the Office of Financial Aid (Queally Center, Suite 214) so they may be approved to work:

  • State income tax form (VA-4)
  • Federal income tax form (W-4)
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 form). To complete the I-9 form, students must present unexpired, original document(s) which include, but are not limited to, a passport or birth certificate and social security card.  More detailed information is available on the “new employees” tab of the student jobs website (http://studentjobs.richmond.edu/).  Please review this information carefully.

Note: International Students must complete their paperwork at the Office of International Taxation in Maryland Hall.

2.  Release to Work Form from Student Employment

Once you are approved to work by student employment, you will receive a Release to Work form. Bring this form to the CCE main office (201 Tyler Hanes Commons) to let them know you are now legal to work.  You cannot be paid for any hours worked prior to getting a Release to Work form from Student Employment.

3.  Community Work-Study Training

All students who wish to participate in the CCE’s Community Work-Study program must complete a brief, mandatory training session where they will learn how to get paid for community service with a participating off-campus organization.  Students who indicate that they wish to use their Federal Work-Study award to get paid for community service during the volunteer registration process will receive an email notification from Christine Most explaining how to sign up for training.  Upon completion of the training session, you will be hired as a CCE Community Partner Assistant and your Bannerweb time sheet will be activated.

4.  Direct Deposit

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit of their student pay check and can sign up for Direct Deposit electronically on the Employee tab in BannerWeb. Once you submit your request for direct deposit, electronic deposit begins with your second paycheck.

5.  Getting Paid

Students receiving Federal Work-Study funds may only earn the amount stipulated in their work-study award.  Further instructions about logging hours will be covered during the mandatory Community Work-Study training session.


1. How do I become eligible for Federal Work-Study?

Eligibility is determined by the information received from the Free Application for Student Assistance (FASFA). Based on this information and using a formula established by the federal government, the Office of Financial Aid then determines a student's eligibility. The student must also be enrolled at the University of Richmond at least half-time and enrolled in a degree program.

2. How do I know when I have been awarded Federal Work-Study funding? 

The Financial Aid Office will send out a notification of a student's Federal Work-Study funding via e-mail in the first few weeks of August. The student can also logon to Bannerweb to verify their eligibility.

3. Can my eligibility change once a I am awarded Federal Work-Study funds? 

Yes. Federal Work-Study is awarded based on the financial information provided at the time a student file is evaluated. If additional information is provided, the award can change; subsequently, Federal Work-Study funding can be changed. If a student's family receives a "revised" award letter, they should check to see if their Federal Work-Study funds are still awarded. If not, the student is responsible for notifying his or her supervisor as soon as possible.

4. Will I have earning limitations?

Students on Federal Work-Study have a maximum amount that they can earn for the academic year. The most common amount is $1500.00. When a student exceeds his or her Federal Work-Study limits, the student can no longer be paid through Federal Work-Study but can still receive their Bonner stipend, as long as they have met all of the requirements. 


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